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A propos d'intertextualité:

[...] But when Mother died she didn't go to heaven because heaven doesn't exist.
Mrs Peters' husband is a vicar called the Reverend Peters, and he comes to our school sometimes to talk to us, and I asked him where heaven was and he said, 'It's not in our universe. It's another kind of  place altogether.'
I said that there wasn't anything outside the universe and there wasn't another kind of altogether. Except that there might be if you went through a black hole, but a black hole is what is called a
Singularity, which means it is impossible to find out what is on the other side because the gravity of a black hole is so big that even electromagnetic waves like light can't get out of it, and electromagnetic waves are how we get information about things which are far away. And if heaven was on the other side of a black hole dead people would have to be fired into space rockets to get there, and they aren't, or people would notice.
When people die they are sometimes put into coffins which means that they don't mix with the earth for a very long time until the wood of the coffin rots.

– Mark Haddon, "The curious incident of the dog in the night-time" –